Energising and Cleansing Mala and Prayer beads

Energising Malas , Bracelets  and Beads

The Malas and bracelets are combined with beads of certain colours and precious stones that have their own significance to the wearer and help to achieve a certain purpose to their meditation and their life.  Beads is said to have different properties, energies, and meaning. 

Malas and bracelets beads are energised and worn to enhance their significance for the wearer.

When you have chosen your Malas the 1st thing you want to do is to enhance its energy and connect the beads to your energy and intention. Activating your mala is a beautiful way to connect the beads to your energy and intention. 

 There are numerous ways and you can choose the one for you:-

  • ­Energise with Good intentions and love

Go to the nature at the sun, fresh air, and your positive energy with your Malas or bracelets.
With your good intension love, and appreciation down to your Malas / Bracelets Beads, close your eyes, sit up against a tree, take a few deep breathes and accept now each beads of the Malas is connected with you.

  • Handmade incense rope or stick

Burn the incense rope or stick and let the scent float over your beads as you focus on your desires. Place the beads on purified clean surface with the burned incense while you connect each beads within you.

  • Full Moon energy

Place your Mala Beads outside your room or balcony where-ever it is exposed to Full moon light. Hold the Malas on your hand and say the Mala your specific intention, and leave it for the night.Wake up to a "Powered" Mala ready for your Wellness. 
  • Vibration with Singing Bowls.

The vibrations of sound helps to "Power" and cleanse your energy. It works the same way for your Mala. Place your Mala near your singing bowl , play the bowl while chanting Mantra “OM”.
  • Sun Energy

Sun is a very easy and effective way to charge your Mala. Place the Malas in Early morning Sun and take it out before the Sun start getting stronger. Wear the Malas/Bracelets beads with good intentions and acceptance of its significance.

When do I cleanse my Malas/Bracelets beads and How do I do it?

 The beads of Malas/Bracelets   picks up different vibrational frequencies from the environment and people around you. When its start to hold negative energy often after some time your mala beads will start to feel heavy or “off”. This tends to happen much more frequently when people have been touching your mala, or you have been in a negative situation or are using your mala beads or crystals to move forward from a negative or traumatic experience.

 If you feel your mala hasn’t been sending the right vibrations, or is misaligned with your intentions, it’s probably time to cleanse your beads. When you cleanse your mala beads you cleanse their energetic qualities. To cleanse the Malas/ bracelets beads you can follow any of the above energising method best suited for you.


A broken mala is meant to symbolise a broken cycle, i.e. that you no longer ‘need’ that mala anymore. It’s a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you. We like to honor the release of an intention and help you through the transition. At Himalayas Shop, we are committed to sending your broken mala back to Bali once to be re-strung and re-blessed if you find the mala has broken before you’re ready to let go of its intention.

While a broken mala can be saddening, it’s also a beautiful opportunity to reflect and ask yourself what new intention you’re looking for, and what you would like to manifest. Maybe it’s time to send your love in a new direction and have faith that it will take you to a bigger and better place?

Regardless of what your mala looks like, these culturally rich symbols are a beautiful way to add intention and mindfulness into your life. Breathe and savour this journey—it’s going to be a gorgeous ride.

Mala and beads

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