Prayer Flags used in Himalayas region for spreading love and kindess.

Prayer Flags carries the prayer and mantras to benefit all living beings on earth. It has been hanged from ancient time with good intention and best wishes for all being. The prayer flag carries a positive message which remind us to be a life filled with love, joy, compassion for every being. Himalayas Prayer Flag is designed with positive message and influencing words to remind you the positive message we always know inside but fail to realise and put on action. Hang the prayer flag in your personal space where you spend your personal time so that every time you see the flag and message in the flag , you get awakened with its word.

Our English prayer flag collection for Home and garden includes:-

Lotus Prayer Flag :- This flag contains a different design depicting the growth of a lotus flower.The lotus flower, growing out of and setting atop muddy waters, is a symbol of purity, wisdom, compassion and healing.

Diversity Flag:- This flag symbolise let’s celebrate the diversity of every spirit with joy and equality in community we live.

8 auspicious symbol flag:- Each flag features one of the 8 Auspicious symbols along with its description.Each flag features one of the 8 Auspicious symbols along with its description.

Peace flag:- This flag features the meaning behind every letter of peace that comes together as word “PEACE” along with guidance of every individual action to attain peace.

Wish Flag:- The wish flag carry with them a wish of happiness for all humans and animals by forging oneself to be compassionate.

For more variety of Himalayas Prayer Flag you can view our collection by clicking here.

The prayer flags can be excellent to hand around the garden as garden decor which adds a lot of spirituality and vibrancy to your garden. It can add a positive vibration on your meditation room as it awakens you with its message. It can be hang on your kids room to remind them to be a compassionate being or on your living room to bring in positivity with its vibrant colour and message to all who visit your home. Just find a place to hang it, it will look beautiful, powerful and unique.

Prayer flag

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