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Our one-of-a-kind BOHO bag takes you back in time with its rare vintage feel. If you usually have extra stuff to carry around and you’re looking for a bag to do it in comfort and style, this boho handbag will do the job for you. This boho bag from Himalayas Shop features natural stone such as turquoise, jade, granite and other precious gemstones which also benefits from its positive energy. The bag has  brass straps and has a button closure so you can hold your things safely in style.

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Painting For Home Decor & Meditation [Mandala]

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What is Thangka?

Mala Beads

A Mala can simply be a physical reminder of positive intentions. Our Malas Beads are all natural semiprecious stones, made one at a time with care and attention to detail. Mala beads are used for mantra, prayer, prostrations, or to remind us of our meditation practice. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of handmade prayer beads Mala, rosary and wrist Malas, Himalayas Shop offers diverse selection of high quality prayer Malas like 108 beads Tibetan Japa Mala, 54 beads Mala, 27 beads wrist Malas in various types and sizes of beads in competitive wholesale price.

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Prayer Flag: A Mantra Japa in Nature

Prayer Flag: A Mantra Japa in Nature

Prayer Flag