Significance of 108 number in spirituality

Significance of 108 in Spirituality

Malas are not only used for its significance to the wearer with its properties but used by yogis and spiritual seekers for thousands of years to help keep their minds focused during meditation. The main purpose of the beads in Malas  is to help recite mantras as you meditate. This helps  the user of the mantra to focus on the vibration, meaning and sound of what is being said, while counting the beads.

Each mala contains a set number of beads (usually 108) representing spiritual identity and connection with the universe. In meditation the idea is to move one bead at a time, using each movement as an opportunity to focus on a breath or mantra. This process creates positive spiritual energy – known as ‘japa.’

Why 108 Beads in Mala for Japa or meditation practice?

Meaning Behind 108 beads:-

  • Chakras

The energy line intersect in our body at Chakras -the seven focal points in our subtle bodies. The Heart Chakra is formed out of 108 energy lines that are converging at its spot, with one of them believed to be the path to self realization.

  • Chanting Mantras

When using your mala beads in meditation and chanting your mantra, some have said you are complete once you have done it 100 times. The 8 extra beads are to account for errors. Or even more beautiful, are meant to be an offering to your guru.

  • Letters

Within the Sanskrit alphabet there are 54 letters. Each letter has a feminine and masculine version — totalling 108.

  •  Meaning behind the Number

As separate numbers, it is believed that 1 stands for higher Truth, 0 for spiritual completeness and 8 for eternity.

  •  Universe Truth

108 is the ratio of Sun’s distance from Earth / Sun diameter or Moon’s distance from Earth /Moon’s diameter.

  •  Sacred Number

The number 108 is sacred in many Eastern religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. In Tibetan Buddhism malas or rosaries are usually 108 beads plus the guru bead, reflecting the words of the Buddha called in Tibetan the Kangyur in 108 volumes.

  • Harshad

The number 108 is also known as a ‘Harshad’ number, which means that it can be divided by the sum of its digits. In Sanskrit language, harshad means ‘great joy’.

Add the power of this three-digit number “108” Malas beads in your life to bring the significance of beads to the wearer and practice for meditation for your mind. 108 beads can mean whatever you want it to mean. So, grab your Himalayas Mala Beads Today from Himalayas Shop where all our mala and beads are not only authentic and genuine natural stone but it is made with a lot of love and dedication from the local artisan of Nepal. Click here to shop now



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