Choosing the right Mala and Bracelets for healing and balancing energy.

No doubt, Malas beads are beneficial to us but the common question that arises in our mind is


Know your intention

“What am I seeking?” ask this question to yourself. Keeping your mala’s purpose in mind is helpful when choosing the piece that’s right for you. If you want Malas for the significance beads holds then choose the beads with the help of our beads guide list.

If you want to use it for meditation practice you’ll likely want one of the classic 108-bead mala necklaces. You may want to try one of our Jhapa malas, for your practice which are created from Himalayas at Nepal. Shop Now

Trust your heart

Follow your instincts! Choose the malas beads that instantly connects with you or that catches your eye at first. Try not to get too caught up into thinking about which mala makes the most sense for you; instead, let your heart lead the way and allow your soul to guide you.


Try our HIMALAYAS SHOP Special Wrist Malas :-Mix jade and Chakra Wrist Malas specially designed with diverse jade to make it easy for you to choose .


Mala and beads

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Mãos Ocupadas

Mãos Ocupadas

Very, very, very informative and helpful post!

It help me a lot!


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