Vajra Gong

Size: 15.5 inch
Sale price$500.00 USD


This intricate Vajra symbol at the center of the Gong is an iconic and meaningful symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. Derived from Sanskrit, "vajra" translates to "diamond" or "thunderbolt" to signify its resiliency. An essential component of religious observances, meditation, and enlightenment, it is imbued with sacred qualities.

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For centuries, artisans have produced Gongs using alloy materials like bronze and brass to generate distinctive vibrational sounds for musical performances, contemplation, and healing. When struck, the desired harmonic tone is powerfully emitted. When played at its core or the rim, Vajra Gong is able to produce various soundscapes effortlessly. Its distinctive craftsmanship yields a calming and pleasant sonic experience.

Gongs have been used in spiritual rituals and healing therapies for centuries. Research suggests they can decrease stress and create mindful practices. Sound therapy utilizes instruments such as gongs to create an acoustic environment designed to balance a person's energy. Gongs are said to create powerful sonic vibrations that can promote wellbeing and balance. Bring the power of sound therapy home with the Vajra Gong.

Product Specification:

  • Handmade (Comes with mallet)
  • Origination: Nepal

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