Guru Rinpoche Prayer Flag

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Prayer Flags also called Lung-ta (Tibetan name) are of square or rectangular shape and are connected along their top edges to a long string or thread. They are commonly hung on a diagonal line from high to low between two objects (e.g., a rock and the top of a pole) in high places such as the tops of temples, monasteries, stupa, or mountain passes.

 Traditionally, prayer flags me in a set of five colors that correspond with the Five Elements. The five colors are arranged from left to right in a specific order: blue, white, red, green, and yellow. According to Traditional Tibetan medicine, health and harmony are produced through the balance of the five elements.  Usually, the prayer flags are surrounded by approximately 400 different versions of traditional mantras each dedicated to a particular deity and symbols.

  • Blue symbolizes the sky and space
  • White symbolizes the air and wind
  • Red symbolizes fire
  • Green symbolizes water
  • Yellow symbolizes earth.

This flag has an image of Guru Rinpoche  Precious Teacher. He usually sits on a lotus that sprang up in a small lake, wrapped in heavy, expensive robes, and wears a hat with its earflaps up. He posses a vajra in his right hand and a kapala (skull cup) with a little jar of amrita in his left hand, and a khatvanga clamped against his left shoulder. Whenever you encounter any obstacles in dharma practices or have any emotional problems, knowing to pray to Guru Rinpoche is benificial. 

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Size : 11 x 10 inches

No of Flag: 5 Flag

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