Guide on Taking care of Singing Bowl

Himalayas Singing Bowl are incredible instruments that are used to begin and end the silent meditation. Today we have multiple use of these bowl, music therapy, sound healing, meditation, yoga is some of them. The mysterious and soothing sound pleases many people. Though Himalayas singing bowl need less care to preserve its quality and smooth sound, some of the must do tips to take care of Himalayas singing bowl are as below:

1. Keep Chemicals away from your bowl

Don’t use anything acidic or concentrated like Windex, bleach, soda, orange juice. These kinds of acid will react with metals of singing bowl and certain metals from the bowl will tarnish or oxidise ruining the harmony of the bowl.

2. Wipe with a Soft Cloth

The primary method for keeping your bowl in tip top shape is to just wipe the bowl occasionally with a soft cloth in order to remove dust. You can also use a wet paper towel in order to remove stubborn fingerprints. However, don't forget to dry off the bowl in order to prevent water stains.

3. Using hot water for stubborn dirt

In order to remove stubborn dirt, fill the bowl with warm or hot water, dissolve some soap in it, and then leave it for the night. This method will be enough to remove stubborn dirt which may have stuck to the surface of the bowl. The following day, pour out the cleaning solution out of the bowl and then rinse it with clean water. Don't forget to dry the bowl completely after rinsing to ensure that water does not react with the metal components.

4. Do not scrub.

The finish and design on our bowls is unlike any other. We admit that if you’re not careful, you can damage that finish. Using salt, baking soda, or any other scrub can scratch your bowl.

5. Always keep it dry.

The metals that make up your singing bowl are also averse to moisture. Letting your bowl stay wet can cause rust and corrosion. No matter what happens, always dry it off as soon as you can.

6. No sunshine, please.

We love playing our singing bowl outside, but we never leave it out there, or let it sit alone in the sun. If you’re taking your singing bowl outdoors, reserve a space in the shade where its finish will be safe.

Singing bowl

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Daisy koshy

Daisy koshy

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