Amitabha Buddha Painting

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Tibetan thangka art of this beautiful Amitabha Buddha is hand painted by the artisan from Nepal. This Amitabha buddha thangka art can be wall hanged either western style framed or silk brocade as traditional tibetan way.

Amitabha represents comprehensive love who works for the enlightenment of all beings. His important enlightenment technique is the visualization of the surrounding world as a paradise. The person who sees his surrounding as a paradise awakens his enlightenment energy. It can be done through sending light to all beings and by corresponding positive thought. It is believed that at the time of death, if the person visualize Amitabh in the heaven over their head and recite his name as a mantra and leave the body a soul through the crown chakra then he can come to Sukahvati Pure Land. It is also believed that when we focus on Amitabha Buddha while meditating, we will have the power to overcome desire or selfishness.

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