OM Mani Padme Hum Velvet Indoor Prayer Flags

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These Om Mani Padme Hum Tibetan Prayer Flags are made of Velvet. These Prayer Flags are the medium in  size and are best suited for small altars or indoors. It can be hanged in the frames of deities or you can find other uses and placements for it.

Size: 3.3"W X 4.5"L, 61 inches approx.  and weighs 20 grams
No. of flags: 10 Cotton sheets.

Tibetan Prayer flags (also known Buddhist Prayer Flags or Wind Horse) are used to carry your prayers and mantras throughout the universe. They are composed of 5 different coloured pieces of light cloth each representing the 5 Elements - Left to Right: Blue-sky, White-wind, Red-fire, Green-water, Yellow-earth. The five elements together represent health and harmony. They are often found in high places in the Himalaya Mountains, on Temples, in monasteries and on rooftops in Nepal. They are used to bless the area that they surround and are often used during ceremonies. Prayer flags are used to promote wisdom, compassion, strength and peace.

HOW TO HANG A PRAYER FLAG: The best time to hang your Prayer Flag is in the morning when the air is calm and pure. It is important to hang your Prayer Flag starting with the blue from left to right. Blue (sky) should also hang at the highest point. Old prayer flags are sacred and should not touch the ground, they should be treated with respect and burned so the wind can carry the ashes to continue the good will. PRAY for PEACE, LOVE, & HARMONY!!!

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