Vajrapani Thangka Art

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Size: 50 cm x 38 cm
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Vajrapani also known as “Cyana Dorje” in Tibetan and Adakavati in Sanskrit. He is the embodiment of the Buddha’s infinite power. For many people who are new to Buddhism finds Vajrapani not a Buddhist at all. In reality he is a Bodhisattva who represents the energy of the enlightened mind, he holds a vajra (thunderbolt) in his right hand.

This is a cotton canvas hand painting of Tibetan Thangka Art . He holds The Vajra in his hand and shown in wrathful form. He is the protector deity protecting all sacred Tantra, teaching and literature derived directly from Shakyamuni Buddha.

The blue body with one hand holding vajra and the other Hand is raised to the heart with a whip. He is believed to transform one’s fear into strength. The Vajra he holds represents the knowledge and protects the dharma from those who could destroy it. 

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