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Size: 52 x 40 cm
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The Wheel of Life also known as “The Bhavachakra Mandala” is a depiction of samsara or cyclical existence. The initial painting of the Bhavacakra Mandala is supposed to have been commissioned by Sakyamuni Buddha himself. The following are the twelve causal linkages, along with their accompanying symbols:

  1. Ignorance - a blind person using a cane to walk.
  2. Mental Fabrication - like a potter sculpting a vase.
  3. Consciousness – a monkey reaching for fruit from a tree.
  4. Name and Form - a boat with two guys afloat.
  5. Six Sense Faculties – a dwelling with six windows
  6. Contact - two lovers consorting, kissing, or being entwined
  7. Desire – a drunkard in his drunkenness 7. Pain – an arrow struck into the eye
  8. Grasping — the act of a man plucking fruit from a tree.
  9. Becoming – a couple having an affair.
  10. Birth — the act of giving birth to a child.
  11. Death and Old Age — a man bringing a body to the funeral.

Product Description:

Size: 52 x 40 cm

Material used: Cotton canvas, natural color

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