Chungapa Thangka painting

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Size: 76 cm x 56 cm
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Chungapa is the Chinese god and is known as a tantric god. He was doing meditation on sitting lotus flowers and holding lotus on both sides of his hand. On his downward, there are person worship the chungapa by providing the different goods to him.   On his left side, there are three people is providing the fruits, another two are looking at chungapa. On this right side of him, there are also three people is providing Sankha, next one is playing vina. vina is the musical instrument that is used while meditating, the next person is holding like a kalesa. He is the position of the “Dhyana asana”. He is sitting by crossing both legs and facing the feet upward. He is surrounded by golden color and his body is covered with yellow clothes which give a different meaning whereas the golden color denotes freedom, happiness, purity, enlightenment, and knowledge then yellow signifies his humility and separation from materialist society.

Why and how to hang the Chungapa?

  • Chungapa god helps us to learn about humility and keep away from the materialist society.
  • Changupa can hang on any wall that we want because it provides us purity, enlightenment, knowledge, happiness, and freedom.

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