Buddha Mandala Thangka

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Dimension: 50 x 38 cm
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In the painting, there are many smaller circles inside a big circle. In the radial lines of the circle, we can see tiny pictures of Buddha. Above all, the painting tries to reveal the Buddha in different forms.

There are many types and varieties of Mandalas depending on the nature of the central deity. The most classic pattern of Mandalas is of the Dhyani Buddha. This Thangka depicts Buddha Mandala. The Mandala represents “palace of purity” a magic sphere cleared of spiritual obstacles and unpurified.

Where do I hang my Thangka Art?

The best place to put the mandala painting is on the sides of the bed. It is also great idea to hang at the back side of the bed. This arrangement helps to renew the positivity in our body. This Thangka Art can be wooden frame and hung on your wall or you can request a Silk Brocade for the Thangka.

Product Description:

  • Product size:  50 x 38 cm
  • Handmade painting from Nepal
  • Pure Gold and Natural Stone Color

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