Sarvavid Vairochana Tibetan Thangka

Size: 55 x 40 cm
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This painting is Amitabha Buddha in the 13th century in the museum of fine art. He is the most ancient Buddha among the Dhyani Buddha. Buddha Amitabha is denoted by” BOUNDLESS LIGHT” or Incomprehensible as we know, Amitabha means “Infinite life” and his symbol is the lotus, representing purity. The painting of the Buddha Amitabha is a similar painting of Buddha Ratna Sambhava. The word Amita is “without bond/ infinite” and Abha is “light/splendor”. Buddha Amitabha stands for wisdom and compassion. His mantra is ‘Namo Amituofo’.

Mantra: “Namo Amituofo”

Namo Amituofo buddha translation version Namo buddha of the infinite life or” I turn to rely on the enlightened one immeasurable”. We can write Namo Amituofo in various languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.

In the above thangka, white Amitabha is sitting on the lotus in the position of nritya asana. She is sitting on the meditation by holding a vessel on her left hand for wisdom. While he is meditating “His two palms are joined together with the right and left hand, two thumb fingers are touches together for holding the alms bowl”. His hand position is Dhyana Mudra. It is also called samadhi or yoga mudra. the meditation position is “Nritya Asana”. It can be performed this position by crossing one leg which touches the left leg. He has his vehicle called a peacock. His peacock eats poisonous plants from the forest. When he eats the poisonous plant, his feathers shine brightly. Her body is colored by the white color, it represents purity and emancipation. It is painted on blue fame which signifies love kindness and peace.

Why and How to hang White Amitabha?

  • White Amitabha can be placed where there is peace, love, and kindness for a positive environment.
  • White Amitabha can be placed everywhere we want peace, purity, and love.
  • White Amitabha thangka can be hung on the place where meditation is done, it helps us to emancipation.


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