Flower Yin Yang Healing Singing Bowl

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Size: 7-8 inch
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This Flower Yin Yang Singing Bowl perfectly combines both appealing aesthetics and meditative capabilities. Carefully crafted with expert precision, this one-of-a-kind bowl is decorated with complex floral designs and includes the famous yin-yang symbol at its core. The detailed artistry not only adds to its visual allure but also enhances the bowl's resonance.

Symbolism of Flower Yin Yang:

The Flower Yin yang Singing Bowl symbolizes balance and beauty through its intricate design and harmonious sound. It serves as a reminder to seek harmony amidst life's dualities and offers a meditative experience for holistic well-being.

Key features:

  1. Material : This Flower Yin Yang singing bowl is made with a special blend of metals and crafted using traditional techniques to produce genuine, high-quality results. Using a combination of metals, the Flower Yin Yang singing bowl is carefully created using time-honored methods to ensure superior and authentic outcomes.
  2. Sound Quality: Experience inner peace and tranquility with the expertly crafted Flower Yin Yang Healing Singing Bowl. Its soothing and harmonizing sound, rich overtones and unique qualities create a meditative ambiance for a truly serene experience.
  3. Versatility in Use: Enhance your meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and relaxation experience with the versatile Flower Yin Yang Healing Singing Bowl. Use it in classes or during healing sessions for added immersion.

A complete package includes:

  • A 7-8 inch Singing Bowl
  • A Ring cushion
  • 1 x wooden stick

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