Vajrayogini Thangka painting

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Size: 68 x 50 cm
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This strong female tantric dakini is called Vajrayogini and she personifies the female wisdom energy of emptiness. Her naked body is brilliant-red in color, representing her ability to transform lust, sexual energy and egotistic passion into compassion for all sentient beings, without attachment. She is fully alive and joyously free

Vajrayogini holds a skull bowl in her left hand that represents emptiness and dagger in her right capable of cutting the delusion and wrong views . She looks upwards to the Pure Dakini Land . This demonstrate that she’s got the power to guide serious practitioners directly to this celestial world where all beings are free from suffering. She recognizes all human concerns as mere bubbles of illusion and removes duality and delusion.

Product description

  • Product size: 68 cm x 51 cm 
  • Handmade painting from Nepal
  • Pure Gold and Natural Stone Color

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