Vajrasattva Tibetan Thangka Painting

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Dimension: 30 x 24 cm
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Vajrasattwa is also known as the “buddha of purification”.  In the Japanese Vajrayana school of Buddhism, Shingon, Bajrasattwa is the impenetrable aspect of the bodhisattva Samantabhadra and is commonly associated with the student consultant who through the master's teachings, attains an ever inspiring, understated and complex grounding in their impenetrable practice.

                              Mantra:” Hundred-Syllable Vajrasattwa Mantra”

This thangka has colors ranging from blue which resembles serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom or health. Green which resembles tranquility, good luck and health. Yellow resembles happiness, optimism and enlightenment. Vajrasattwa is seated with his legs crossed in a Bajra posture (bajrasana) on a moon disk above a lotus flower.  On the right arm of Vajrasattwa he holds a Bajra which represents the active means towards enlightenment. And in his left arm, he holds an upturned bell(ghanta) which is a symbol of emptiness and the perfection of wisdom.

               Product Description:

  • Product Size: 30 X 24 cm
  • Cotton Canvas
  • Materials Used: Natural Colors


Why and How to hang Vajrasattwa Thangka?

  • The Vajrasattwa thangka being a Buddhist painting it helps your Buddhist meditations as it shows you how to visualize the deity.
  • The thangka paintings are also seen as a visual expression of the highest state of consciousness, which is the goal of the Buddhist spiritual path.
  • The thangka should be hanged in a very peaceful environment like living rooms, personal offices which brings positivity and lively energy to the room and the surroundings.

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