Vajrasattva Tibetan Thangka - Dhyani Buddha

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Size: 61 cm x 46 cm
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This is a hand painted Boddhisattva thangka art on canvas. The boddhisattva Vajrasattva is depicted sitting in "Vajra'' pose holding a Vajra in right hand with bell on left hand . The Vajra Infront of his heart symbolizes the willful way of action and bell  represents transcendent wisdom. is He is depicted in White color seated on a moon disc above a lotus.

Vajrasattva is an important figure in tantra Buddhism . He is skillfully painted by the artist with black , gold and silver color . Hang this beautiful piece of thangka art on your altar space or at home for positive energy. He is also known as Dorje Sempa and believe to purify the karma.  His practices are all related to confession and purification, and he is the supreme remover of obstacles for Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhists.

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