Vajrasattva painting from Nepal

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Dimension: 75×51
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Vajrasattva thangka art is hand painted with 24 k gold by the artisan from Kathmandu , Nepal. This is a high quality tibetan thangka art with finest brush stroke work. Hang this beautiful thangka art with western style frame or traditional silk style brocade on your meditation or altar room or in living room for meditation and positive energy.

Bajrasattwa is the God who helps sentient beings from their conflicting emotions. Bajrasattwa mantra is regarded to purify karma, bring peace and cause enlightened activity. The Bajrashattwa purification practice applies by four opponent power-

  • The power of regret
  • The power of reliance
  • The power of Antidote
  • The power of promise

Through this purification method it creates positive energy and removes negativity from our mind. It’s not Buddha purifying us but this purification practice is by ourselves.

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