Unisex Rosewood Mala

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Wood is thought to be grounding energy, bringing the wearer closer to the Earth. Associated with the Heart Chakra, rosewood is known for its compassionate and healing energies. It is an excellent healing source that assists you in healing yourself and others. It helps manifest what you desire, dream, or need to be.


  • Material: Rose Wood from Nepal
  • Hand Strung: Yes
  • Size of Guru Bead: 12 -13 mm Approx.
  • Bead Quantity: 108 Beads Pcs
  • Length of Prayer Bead: 20 inches Approx.

A mala is a string of beads used for prayer. Malas is made on the principle of the sacred number 108, so they will have either 108 beads or a divisible of that number: 54 or 27 beads. They can be strung on silk thread with knots between each bead to maintain consistent space between each bead. They also have a Guru bead with a tassel hanging from it. The tassel is considered the symbol of a thousand lotus petals.

To use a mala, you hold it in either hand. Starting just after the Guru bead, you recite a mantra while holding each bead between the thumb and one of the fingers, moving from one bead to the next with each recitation. You basically drape the mala over the finger and use the thumb to pull the beads over the finger toward you after each recitation of the mantra. This makes the bead pass over the intended meridian point. After you have completed a full circle of your mala, you will feel the Guru bead.

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