Tree of Life Singing Bowl


Size: 6 to 7 inch
Sale price$150.00 USD


Singing bowls, recognized as Tibetan singing bowls or Himalayan bowls, are a type of instrument developed in the Himalayan region including Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. The bowls are made from a combination of metals, commonly copper, tin, and other alloys.

This Singing Bowl features a Tree of Life symbol, connecting it to many cultures and spiritual traditions. Representing bonds between our material and spiritual worlds, this symbol carries profound implications for family, community, and self-development. Using the singing bowl can open energy pathways, remove inhibiting mental and physical blocks, and help you gain insight. It boasts an impressive aesthetic as well as a potent method for calming the mind, healing, and enlightenment.

The bowl is made of high-quality brass or bronze and creates a rich, resonant sound when struck or played. Hand-polished and adorned with raised-relief engravings, it is both beautiful and functional.

A Set of package includes:

  • 6-7 inch singing bowl
  • A mallet or striker
  • A medium size ring cushion

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