Tibetan singing bowl healing set

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Tibetan Singing Bowl set of 3 for balancing your chakra and sound healing. This 3 set singing bowl has different tone. Do message us if you have any preference for the tone of the bowl. We will be happy to guide you. This 3 bowl size range from 5 inch to 7 inch and perfect for your sound healing session. Tibetan bells are played for stress relief and reduce anxiety. Sound of Singing bowl harmonize our mind and help keep our mind clear. It is a great meditative tool and also helps to balance the chakras in our body.

Our 3 set Singing Bowl Include
- 4 to 7 inch of Singing bowl ( Black glossy bowl , Gold Antique style bowl and Bronze bowl with illume looks)
-3 * Silk cushion to rest singing bowl
-2 * wooden striker
-1 *Suede striker

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