Peter Hess Singing Bowl from Himalayas Nepal

Dimensions: 5 - 6 inch
Sale price$150.00 USD


This Singing bowl is specially design by Peter Hess – the director of the institute for Sound massage in Germany. He is constantly researching, expanding and improving the method of sound massage.  He is an engineer by career but his interest in Teaching and psychology led him to Nepal. He learned traditional forms of healing. This Peter Hess Singing Bowl design is developed by him improvising the Traditional Singing bowls.

This kind of Singing bowl is specially used by sound healers and yoga teachers as they are very high-quality bowls with great Vibration energy and Beautiful tone sound at the same time.

A complete package includes:
1. A  Singing bowl 
2. A resting cushion
3. 1 x Mallet 

Why Singing Bowl is must buy?

  • Elevates of life force.
  • Promotes energy balance in the body.
  • Enhance creativity and focus.
  • Cleansing of chakras
  • Positive feeling of self
  • Better concentration

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