Adjustable Rose wood Unisex Bracelet

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This rosewood is natural and un-dyed with a deep red-brown color, has been polished to give the beads a beautiful shine, and is sourced from Nepal.

Each meditation bracelet is handcrafted using natural + un-dyed rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia). Each bead is mindfully placed and intended to deepen your meditation practice.

Beautiful rosewood mala beads bracelet made of 6mm or 8mm (you need to choose) natural rosewood beads.

This natural wooden prayer beads stretch bracelet is crafted on a strong latex-free stretchy cord so as to slip onto your wrist easily. This karma, mantra, yoga, meditation and Buddhist wood bead bracelet for men fit comfortably to a size fitted. Please let me know if you would like a smaller or larger size than available in the size options provided.

Rosewood mala beads bracelet made with love, cleansed by the rosemary, sage, eucalyptus and moonlight. This natural wooden prayer beads stretch bracelet is Reiki charged is dedicated to Reiki specifically for you.

This karma, mantra, yoga, meditation and Buddhist wood bead bracelet for men is handcrafted with meditation mindset and Buddhist healing with great attention to detail. I make all mala bracelets using high-quality stones.

This rosewood mala beads bracelet does not contain metallic elements, perfect for Reiki practitioners, lightworkers and healers.

Relaxation – harmony – depression healing – anti-stress – meditation – getting rid of negative energy – positive thoughts.

Rosewood has relaxing and antidepressant properties, it can help you to achieve inner harmony, to remove the psychological inhibitions and barriers. Also, this tree helps its owners to cultivate and develop. A bracelet with rosewood will help in making the difficult decisions, to get out of stress and depression, to get rid of negativity and pessimism. Rosewood
effectively cope with emotional outbursts and congestion, revitalizes feelings and experiences, contributes to the nobleness of thoughts and emotions.

At Himalayas Shop every purchase of Bracelet comes with a Free Handmade Traditional Himalayas Drawstring Thaili Pouch!

Traditional Nepali coin purses are made of Cotton, Silk lining and String close. These Thaili Pouches are suitable for safekeeping small jewelry or even used for packaging small gifts.

The Pouch or Thaili closes with a drawstring so things stay put. The drawstrings are color-coded for quick open and close every time. The pouch is fully lined. Use these delightful Thaili bags to store your prayer mala, coins, keys, jewelry and more.

Since the product is entirely handmade; there can be slight variations in given measurements and colors can also be different.

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