Wall Hanging Flag for Positivity

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This item was hand crafted by artisans in Nepal. Variations in finish and appearance are the result of its construction and enhance the unique qualities of each piece.
    • Set includes 7 flags that measure about 10 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches.  Entire strand is about 5 feet long.  Made of cotton in Nepal.
    • 7 Colourful Fabric Flags with 7 positive quotes with growing Lotus in each flag.
    • Each flag contains a different design depicting the growth of a lotus flower.  The lotus flower, growing out of and setting atop muddy waters, is a symbol of purity, wisdom, compassion and healing.

Yellow - "I am safe.  I trust more.  I fear less.  I am centered and grounded.

Blue - "I feel my emotions and my pain.  I reawaken my passion.  I surrender to this moment."

Purple - "I am courageous.  I am whole.  I stand in my power."

Yellow - "I am loved.  I let love in.  I am kind to myself.  I live in peace and gratitude."

Green - "I play in my imagination.  I create my reality.  I know and share my truth."

Orange - "I honor my intuition.  I accept my path.  I am healing body, mind and spirit."

Red - "I connect with spirit.  I invite sacred transformation.  I embrace the unity of all beings."

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