Mahakal Thangka Art

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Mahakal is one of the most popular of all terrific deities. Mahakal dwarf’s body is dark blue in color to symbolize changeless dharmakaya nature. He looks wrathful and is bedecked with serpents. He wears a garland of severed heads and a crown of five skulls, representing five poisons of delusions namely lust, hatred, ignorance, pride and jealousy transformed into the wisdom of five buddhas. His right hand holds a kartr symbolizing that he has cut off ego, clinging and attachment, his left hand holds a kapala, filled with blood symbolizing the subjugation of the evil, he wears a tiger skin symbolizing the purification of desires. He has three eyes symbolizing his clear comprehension of three times. He looks ferocious against a background of blazing fire.

Mantra: 'Hum Hum Mahakalaprasidepraside Hrim Hrim Svaha.'

In this thangka, we have Mahakala in its flaming glory at the top SOME LAMA

Product description:

Size: 60 x 46 cm

Material used: Cotton canvas, Natural color

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