Singing Bowl to Sit & Heal

Limited Collection Exclusive Collection

Size: Instalment 1
Sale price$3,500.00 USD


Yes, we can make this amazing Largest Size Singing Bowl and deliver to you!

Pay in instalment 1 first with $3500 and we will update you once the Singing Bowl is ready to ship to your address and once we get your confirmation you can pay 2nd instalment 2 later. We offered this instalment option for our customer so our customers dont have to Pay in advance full price. 

Note:  Both Instalment 1 & Instalment 2 must be paid in full before shipment of this custom Singing Bowl. 

A Singing Bowl that you can stand or sit inside. The 29-inch Singing Bowl is completely made using traditional hammering technique. This large size Singing Bowl makes it suitable for group healing or larger spaces where a more profound and resonating sound can easily be touched. The Bowl has a very deep tone and strong vibration which can be used by any sound healers to use for healing, relaxation or therapeutic sessions. Also, this singing bowl can be a great tool for Chakra Healing & Balancing as a person can physically sit inside and feel the Diving Sound.

We would need a Pre-Order of 5 months time to be able to complete this 1 pcs Singing Bowl. So we would really appreciate patience from our customer until the bowl is completely made. However, the end result is of exceptional quality, both in terms of its sound and vibration. 

Please feel free to ask for any additional information. We are more than happy to assist with bowl selection to meet our customer's requirements.

A complete package includes:

  • A 29-inch singing bowl
  • A Resting Mat
  • 1 x Big Mallet

Delivery Fee will be quoted only after the Singing Bowl is completely crafted into existence.

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