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Himalayas Shop Bracelet is handmade in Nepal with semi-precious gemstone beads. All our bracelets comes with free handmade Thaili/pouch made by older age women group of Nepal to support them to be financially independent.

It just doesn’t seem real and looks dyed, but I assure you it is not. The blue spots are Azurite. The blue Azurite really “pops” against the white and black granite. Some specimen even have very small dots of Malachite as well. Often called Ketonite --“K2 Jasper,” it’s not a Jasper at all – it is a granite.

The energy of K2 Stone opens one's consciousness to receive guidance from the higher dimensions which enables one to make decisions in one's highest good. The granite matrix acts to ground the higher energies so that one's thoughts can manifest in the third dimension.

🌸 Birthstone : Sagittarius

🌸 Chakra Alignment : Throat Chakra

Product Specification

💕 Material : Natural Stone

💕 Design : Stretchable Elastic

💕 Wrist size :

 🍀Small size : 5 to 5.5 inch 🍀Medium size : 6 to 6.5 inch

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