Himalayas Singing Bowl - Large Size


Size: 18 inches
Weight: 7.76 kg
Sale price$2,000.00 USD


Discover the traditional art of sound healing with our Large Size Himalayan Singing Bowl. Handcrafted in the majestic Himalayas, this stunning bowl embodies the perfect fusion of ancient customs and expert craftsmanship. Experience the deep resonating tones and vibrations that have resonated throughout the mountains for generations.

Key Features:

  1. Handcrafted Elegance: Expertly crafted, each Large Size Himalayan Singing Bowl is a unique masterpiece, using traditional techniques passed down for generations.
  2. Enchanting Resonance: Explore the soothing vibrations of this large singing bowl. Carefully selected metals produce a warm and comforting tone, perfect for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual practices.
  3. Dimensions Matters: Experience a more immersive and captivating sound with the larger size of this Himalayas Singing Bowl. As you feel the vibrations, a sense of calm and balance is promoted throughout your entire being.

A complete package includes:

  • An 18-inch Singing Bowl
  • A Ring cushion
  • 1 x wooden stick

How to Play:

Use the included mallet to gently strike the bowl on a soft, non-slip surface to create calming vibrations. Experiment with different speeds and pressures along the rim to discover harmonics. Allow the vibrations to guide you to peace and mindfulness. 

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