High quality Kuber Thangka on canvas

Size: 60 cm x 45 cm
Sale price$600.00 USD


Thangka Painting of a Zambala (Kuberr) great for meditation and transformation of our Mindy & Body. Using only Natural Stone Color and other natural pigments these kind of traditional sacred Buddhist art helps to realize the deeper meaning on life. Every Thangka painting is carefully packed and shipped worldwide using strong hard tube.

If you require Thangka Brocade for this thangka please quote us at info@himalayasshop.com

Jambhala (Kuber) is a member of the Jewel Family and is the God of Fortune and Wealth. He's been compared to the Hindu god Kubera on occasion. Avalokitesvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is also thought to be an emanation of Jambhala. There are five wealth Jambhalas, each with its own set of practices and mantras for overcoming poverty and establishing financial security.

Jambhala protects all Lineages, as well as all sentient creatures, from all illnesses and hardships. Jambhala is a Bodhisattva who bestows monetary and spiritual wealth, as well as a variety of other benefits, most notably financial stability.

Because there are so many wrathful and negative emotions or bad spirits in this universe, and because they can occasionally damage you and other sentient beings, Dzambhala must take on such a wrathful and powerful form to defend us from these harmful spirits and terrible karma. Dzambhala, in particular, assists us in minimizing or removing all calamities and impediments while also assisting us in enhancing all good fortune and happiness. He can erase poverty from all six worlds while also improving virtues, life span, and wisdom.

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