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Prayer flags are usually hung both indoors and outdoors on rooftops or the tops of mountains so that when the wind blows the prayers are released into the universe creating a warm environment. In Tibet, Nepal and in India, you can see prayer flags on the hilltops or on the temples or stupas. This beautiful Flag from Himalayas Shop is approx. 62 inch in size. The five deities in the prayer flags are Medicine Buddha , Chengresi , Guru Rinpoche, Green Tara and Wind Horse.

 Traditionally prayer flags come with 5 different colours on a roll.

🌿 Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags represent luck, happiness, longevity and prosperity.
Each hue signifies an element — and the flags are always arranged in a specific order, from left to right: Blue, White, Red, Green, Yellow.

🌿Blue represents the sky and the colour of tranquility, ascension, the infinite, purity, and healing
🌿White represents the air and the colour of knowledge and longevity
🌿Red symbolises fire and the colour of life force, preservation, sacred space and shamanistic wards
🌿Green symbolises water and the colour of youth, vigour, action (Karma), and harmony
🌿Yellow symbolises earth and the colour of symbol of humility and separation from materialistic society. It symbolises renunciation and less desire. Because it is also the colour of the earth, yellow denotes stability and grounded nature.

 All five colours 'together' signify Balance. 


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