Handmade Prayer Flags for Positivity and Good Vibes

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This Flag consist of 7 different beautiful colors with hand painted message. The message consist of Spirit, Courage, Joy, Celebrate, Equality, Community and Diversity. Great for meditation / yoga altar space.

When all these seven things are met in life, it brings colourful joy. When people from diverse culture are respected and treated with kindness it will bring peace to the world. Diversity in our life, our surrounding and in world always brings positive energy. These flags are the symbols of love, peace, harmony, respect and equality.

Size: 59.06 inches approx.  

HOW TO HANG A PRAYER FLAG: The best time to hang your Prayer Flag is in the morning when the air is calm and pure. Prayer flags are sacred and should not touch the ground, they should be treated with respect and burned so the wind can carry the ashes to continue the good will. PRAY for PEACE, LOVE, & HARMONY!!!

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Good service and communication. I love the flags in my window. They brighten my day.