Daikini Thangka Painting- Chinnamasta Devi

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Size: 60 x 46 cm
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This Dakini Thangka of Chinnamasta  is painted using traditional style. At Himalayas Shop all our Thangka are hand painted on cotton canvas using natural stone color, Gold and other natural pigments. Thangka Painting may take from 1 month to years to complete a single painting depending upon its quality.

If you require Thangka Brocade for this thangka please quote us at info@himalayasshop.com

Chinnamasta is a Hindu Devi , she is a furious aspects of Mahadevi. She is the ten goddess from the esoteric tradition of Tantra.  She represents death, temporality, and destruction as well as life, immortality, and recreation. She convey the spiritual self realization  and the awakening of Kundalini. The Hindu Chhinnamasta appears as a significant deity in Tantric and Tibetan Buddhism where she is called Chinnamund.

The serpent around the neck of the goddess symbolizes Kundalini Shakti. The two lady - Kama and Rati symbolizes the sexual desire. The naked body symbolizes that the abandonment of worldly things. To awaken Kundalini Shakti, one needs to control the sexual desire and remove the ego. The goddess standing over the couple symbolizes that she has complete control over her sexual desires. Our head is the symbol of our ego. Therefore, the decapitation symbolizes that she has cut her ego off. Her two attendants represent Ida and Pingala Nadi, and her head Sushumna Nadi. When Kundalini Shakti awakens, it drinks off all the blood in the body. Therefore, the three streams of blood are shown to be drunk.



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