Chakra set Singing Bowl

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Color: Yellow
Size: 4.5 - 5 inch
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Choose between one color of your choice or a set of all seven colors

This Chakra Singing Bowl represents the 7-chakra color with the Lotus petal representing the frequency of energy that the chakra is attuned to. This chakra set singing bowl is handcrafted in Nepal by the artisan.

Please select the variants to buy individual chakra singing bowl or choose the option to purchase the 7 set Singing Bowl Set.

🌈 Red - Root \ Muladhara Chakra

🌈 Orange - Sacral \ Swadisthana Chakra

🌈 Yellow - Solar Plexus \ Manipura Chakra

🌈 Green - Heart \ Anahata Chakra

🌈 Sky blue - Throat \ Ajna Chakra

🌈 Blue - Third Eye \ Vishuddha Chakra

🌈 Violet - Crown \ Sahasrara Chakra

The Package includes: -

  • Chakra Singing Bowl of your choice or the 7 Set
  • Wooden Mallet - 1 pc per Singing Bowl 
  • Small Silk Cushion - 1 pc per Singing Bowl 
  • Singing Bowl Chakra Box - 1 pc per Singing Bowl 

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