Lotus Cosmos Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Size: 10 inches
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A beautiful art piece of Lotus Cosmos Mandala on this Singing Bowl has detailed carving work. This carving is done by the master Artist. Such a detailed art needs Skill and a lot of time and patience to complete. 

Lotus in Buddhism represents the purity of Body, Speech, and Mind. Though it floats in murky water, it blooms with all the grace. Saharsha Chakra ( Crown Chakra ) in this Singing Bowl is a 1000 petal lotus flower that is located at the top of the head. The crown chakra is also the gateway to super-consciousness—a state of being where it is no longer possible to experience yourself as separate from anything or anyone. 

Product description

🌺 Diameter : 10 inches

🌺 Weight : 1.75 kg approx

🌺 Material : 7 metal

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