Blood Stone handmade wrist Bracelets | 100% Natural stone

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Wrist size: 6.5-inches - 8.5 inches
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Himalayas Shop Bracelet is handmade in Nepal with semi-precious gemstone beads. Himalayas Shop strings their beads with adjustable thread. Each Bracelet has 21 beads and is adjusted in all wrist sizes. We provide free handmade Thaili / pouch made by the old women group of Nepal to support them to be financially independent.

Bloodstone cleanses the blood by drawing off bad environmental energies improving circulation. It enhances your to be mindfulness by enhancing selflessness, creativity and idealism. By meditating on this stone, placing it on your body, or simply setting it on your altar, assists in your ability to transform any component of yourself. Whether you would like to enter into a new relationship, start a new job, learn a musical instrument, or anything else in your life that needs change, this bracelet brings positive energy.


  • Material: Natural Stone
  • Style: Adjustable Cord
  • Wrist size: 6.5 inch to 8.5 inch

Free Handmade Traditional Himalayas Drawstring Thaili on purchase of every order made by local women from the Himalayas

Traditional Nepali coin purses are made of Cotton, Silk lining and String close. These Thaili Pouches are suitable for safekeeping small jewelry or even used for packaging small gifts.

The Pouch or Thaili closes with a drawstring, so things stay put. The drawstrings are color-coded for quick open and close every time. The pouch is fully lined. Use these delightful Thaili bags to store your prayer mala, coins, keys, jewelry and more.

Since the product is entirely handmade; there can be slight variations in given measurements and colors can also be different.

Made in Nepal.

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