Antique Water Pot - Ankhora made with brass

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Weight: 0.80 kg
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  • 100 % Hand Made Water pot used by people from Himalayas to transport water.
  • It is made by the lost wax method, & this one is cast in two pieces.
  • Size : 7 inch tall x 4 inch diameter at top and 3 inch on bottom
  • Weight: 0.80 kg
  • Period: 1980-1990

This charming Nepalese Karuwa/Ankohra and cover is a very fine Unique art. This heavy piece has been well decorated unique art and was used in the past still very good in condition. This tactile item would look super in a country or vintage kitchen. This item is in vintage condition with charming patina of age giving it a desirable Unique antique look.

A Karuwa represents an important vessel used in many Nepalese homes to collect and store water for cooking, drinking, washing, cleaning and performing religious ceromanies.

The Karuwa is shaped like a pitcher with a spout that protrudes from the side to allow for easy pouring. Traditionally, the karuwa was use almost extensively by Newari families living in urban areas.

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