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When Buddhist prayer flags flutter in the wind, harmony, happiness, and good fortune are spread among all living beings. These prayer flags are squares of coloured fabric with eight auspicious symbols: The Golden Fish, The Parasol, The Urn, The Lotus Flower, The Conch Shell, The Infinite Knot, The Wheel, The Flag.

    • Colourful Fabric prayer Flags
    • Depicts Ashtamangla symbols
    • Set includes 8 flags that measure approximately 9 by 11 inches. 
    • Entire strand is about 8 feet long. 
    • Made of hemmed cotton in Nepal.

This item was hand crafted by artisans in Nepal. Variations in finish and appearance are the result of its construction and enhance the unique qualities of each piece.

HOW TO HANG A PRAYER FLAG: The best time to hang your Prayer Flag is in the morning when the air is calm and pure. Old prayer flags are sacred and should not touch the ground, they should be treated with respect and burned so the wind can carry the ashes to continue the good will. PRAY for PEACE, LOVE, & HARMONY!!!

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