3 D Kalchakra Mandala Thangka Painting

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Size: 48 x 41 cm
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3D Kala chakra is in the form of 3D printing, in this painting we can see everything that normal painting does not show as. Kala chakra is all known as the wheel of times. In Kala chakra, we can see everything clearly in the 3D painting.

This unique Kalachakra Mandala is hand-painted by the master artist in Kathmandu Valley. It is painted on cotton canvas with a Tibetan design. It comes unframed. You can frame it on western-style framing or add on traditional-style silk brocade.

"Kala" means time and "chakra " means cycle in Sanskrit word. Kalachakra is the representation of the cyclical nature of time in Hindu and Buddhist cosmologies. The teachings, called Kalachakra Tantra, are considered to be some of the most advanced and complex in Tibetan Buddhism. It is a two-dimensional representation of the five-story palace of the Kalachakra deity, in which a total of 722 deities resides, with Kalachakra and his consort Vishvamata united in an embrace of perpetual bliss at the very center. The Mandala practice of Kalchakra is to initiate to “enter” into the mandala and identify with the deity represented therein.

The floors of the palace depicted in the Kalachakra Mandala, from the ground up, represent:

  1. Enlightened body
  2. Enlightened speech
  3. Enlightened mind
  4. Enlightened wisdom
  5. Enlightened great bliss

Arrayed around the palace are four elemental rings and two outer rings. From the inside out they are:

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Wind
  5. Space
  6. Wisdom

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