11-inch large size Singing Bowl

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Size: 10 - 11 inch
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Experience the captivating fusion of artistry and sonic brilliance with our 11-inch large size Singing Bowl in Tiger style pattern, handcrafted to embody the strength and grace of the majestic tiger. This exquisite bowl adds an exotic touch to your sound healing practice, making it not just an instrument, but a true work of art.

Key Features:

  1. Artisan Craftsmanship: Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, our handmade Tiger style Singing Bowl showcases intricate attention to detail, reflecting our immense dedication to craftsmanship.
  2.  Soothing Resonance: The 11-inch Singing Bowl creates peaceful vibrations, perfect for meditation and sound therapy.
  3.  Versatile Healing Properties: Enhance your practice with this handmade bowl. Promote mindfulness, reduce stress, and add a unique dimension to your spiritual journey. 
  4. Ideal Gift: Give the gift of serenity with the Handmade Tiger style Singing Bowl. Perfect for those who value mindfulness and handmade artistry.

A complete package includes:

  • An 11 inch Singing Bowl
  • A Ring cushion
  • 1 x wooden stick

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