Living Room Decoration with Himalayas Thangka Painting
Tourists are the main collectors of thangka today. In particular, for visitors from the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe, mandalas are very popular.
Even if they are not Buddhist, I think that most people who are attracted to thangka are very open minded and still do connect with the art in a meaningful way. They tend to have a strong sense of appreciation for the skill involved and the beauty of the work.
Thangka Painting from Himalayas can be a great piece of artwork for decoration at your house, office or even in your meditation altar room. The meaning of thangka is a painting that can be scrolled which has a recorded message or meaning. Decorating your living room with this beautiful pcs of artwork which also carries the great energy that can help you to be positive and share your positivity to others as well. 
Some of the ideas for decorating your house with Thangka painting can be seen in the photos here.Kalachakra Mandala Thangka Decoration


Mandala Thangka Decoration Ideas


Thangka for yoga and meditation and decoration room


Living Room Decoration with Himalayas Thangka Painting


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