Covid Update for Business

Covid-19 has affect most of us, no matter who and where we are from.  It’s that time of the era where we have to maintain a distance for the safety of each other. Covid-19 should bring the self-realization to all of humanity that we are one and indivisible. We sure can support each other just by ensuring simple precautions.

Himalayas Shop started it’s journey  on online on March 2020 during this pandemic situation. We are a family owned business and we are operating our Business through home.  All our shipments are at the time handle by only one member with the precaution measure to eliminate the possibility of an infection and its spread.

We apologies for the delay of shipment during this time period as Nepal is in Lock-down as there are limited international flights from Nepal. We are trying to reduce the delay by fulfilling the possible order from our warehouse at Sydney by using Australian Post. The processing time taken by AU Post has been a bit longer up to 2 weeks than the usual shipping time.

 During this hard time, it’s difficult for the artisan to run their daily life. We have been continuously been in touch with our artisan and continue to place order so that they can work from their home if possible or continue after the stay home order is aloof.

We are new to online business and we are trying our best to reach to the craft lover over the world.  We can be reached through email and message on facebook or instagram. If you have any query feel free to reach out. We will respond asap.


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