Natural Sandalwood Bracelet

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Wrist size: 6.5 inches - 8.5 inches
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You like a bracelet because it looks nice on your wrist. It could be made from gemstones, ambers, wood, metal or plastic or a combination. But usually, a nice-looking bracelet does not have an aroma naturally. The fragrance of this bracelet is more than subtle. If you have tried Sandalwood Oil on your skin and enjoyed every moment of it, this bracelet is suitable for you. Its fragrance is said to transform desires, and also to bring emotional balance.

  • This simple and stylish bracelet features sweet-smelling sandalwood beads with a hand-tied knot in between each individual bead.
  • Wear it on its own or pair it with a stack of your favorite wrist malas and bracelets.
  • Hand-knotted beads are some of our most requested, as they are great for counting mantras.

Product Specification:

  •  Material: Natural Sandal Wood
  •  Design: Adjustable Cord
  •  Wrist size: 6.5” - 8.5”

Free Handmade Traditional Himalayas Drawstring Thaili on purchase of every order made by local women from the Himalayas


Your beads will change color as they meld with the natural oils in your skin. Keep away from water. Do not over-exert your strand as it may stretch. To preserve the sandalwood scent, keep your beads in their box. Their scent will naturally fade with exposure to the elements.

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