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The month of love “February” is finally here. You might be making plans to surprise your loved ones, either you are surprising your wife, mother, girlfriend or sister, you might be scrolling on your internet browser to find the best gift and wondering how to make a special day for him/her. Flower deliveries, gourmet chocolates, and teddy bears are lauded as romantic go-tos, think outside the box this year with these unique Valentine's Day gifts for her. No matter what you gift she will treasure it for life, here are top 5 gift ideas that will leave her impressed.


    1. Himalayas Pashmina Shawl

Valentine Gift

Pashmina Shawl is the best companion for winter. Pashmina is a jewel for cold breeze, it keeps your loved ones warm and comfort with iconic fashion style. Either formal or casual looks your loved one prefer, it matches perfectly with all the fashion. You can wear it like shawl, stole, bandana, dress accessories, stole or shrug. The pashmina will add on value to your looks. Our Himalayas pashmina will last long for generations. 

  1. Tibetan Singing Bowl

Covid-19 has affected all of us directly or indirectly. The emotional and spiritual gap it has created is yet to be filled. So this valentine to fill this gap and to rebalance the chakras in natural order, you can gift your valentine with Tibetan Singing Bowl. Singing bowl is best tool to bring balance our chakra. As our body is 70% water the vibration produced by singing bowl brings balance to chakra and opens all our seven chakras. This will result in harmony and compassion in your love life as well. So this valentine, gift your valentine with Tibetan singing bowls.


  1. Bracelet

Valentine Gift Bracelet

Each natural stone carries a mystical power, this valentine gift your loved ones with Himalayas Bracelet to make strong bond with your counterpart. Our Himalayas bracelet like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Ruby Manik, Pink Opal and Green Emerald are best for your love and married life. If you are looking for your male counterpart, you can gift 7 chakra healing bracelet, Azurite, Green Emerald, Tiger skin and Durzy bracelet.


  1. Thangka

Thangka are the ancient Buddhist art, this valentine you can gift this ancient art to your loved ones. Bringing Thangka to your life brings positivity and surrounds you with compassion and love. Hanging Thangka in sacred area of your house and performing meditation and yoga bring love and compassion in your life. It surrounds you and your surrounding with positive energy.


  1. Boho style Women Bag

Best gift for Valentine | Pashmina Bag

Ladies view bags as a fashion symbol, pride and jewel to her dress code. You can find thousands types of bag in market but there is one bag that has set a bench mark for fashion, handmade product, durability and uniqueness- Pashmina Bag. This valentine gift your loved ones with pashmina bag and make her feel special.

These Spiritual handicraft carries a lot of awakening realisation. Love is the greatest healer and if we learn to correctly love then we do not create any division or differences in any kind. Wishing everyone with a beautiful Valentine day this year!

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