Handmade Thaili or pouch/bag from cotton and silk
Its amazing to know “Thaili” , a pouch bag made of a piece of cloth has a long history in Nepalese culture. It came in  existence to reduce wastage and now it has become the part of Nepali tradition. From formation of Nepal till date it has been used on various occasions and on various ways. Let me start by telling how it all began.


Thaili, handmade pouch, handmade purse, convenient pouch

In old days till now people at Nepal stitch their cloths on tailor shop. There would always be a piece of cloth that get wasted .So, creative to reduce this wastage  tailor started to stitch these small pieces of cloth together and make a beautiful Thaili. Stitching a piece of cloth and tying it with two set of independent thread makes a beautiful bag. The unique combination of these thread helps to open and close the pouch/ Thaili.

In Nepali term these bags are called Surke Thaili or Baghmukhey Thaili (Tiger Mouth Thaili).  

If we talk about its love and popularity then we have to travel back in time when there was no or less availability of modern envelop, clutch bags, wallet, purse for women. Women being called Laxmi- A Goddess of Wealth according to Hindu tradition, uses these Thaili to safe keep money, keys, jewellery and other valuable items and tie it in their cloth, especially in Choli commonly known as Blouse or Bodice.  

Pouch bag, Thaili ,Handmade bag

Not only for safekeeping of valuables, these thaili was also used in marriage. In Nepalese tradition, son in law along with his relatives  were presented with money, jewellery and valuables on the day marriages, so all those small sized gift items were put inside the thaili and given to them.  

 Giving continuity to this tradition, today these thaili are used by Jewellery shop to wrap ear rings, tops, chain and many more while handing over to customer. Even in major areas of Tourism and World Heritage site, these bags are sold to foreigner. Thaili have been a souvenir for foreigner to take it their mother land and gift it to their close ones.

This Thaili or small hand pouch is also Ideal for hand carry during parties and a terrific combination for elaborately designed Lehengas and embroidery Sarees -this designer hand bag comes with an inside small pocket for cell phones and quick make up itineraries. Its a fusion of modern embroidery with classical Thaili bags that has beaded sack thread around its neck to close and open it. It can be hand carried or can be embedded around the Lehenga waist to let it swing as you flaunt on the party floor.

Along with its own manufacturing unit, the organisation employees Nepali house wive artisans to make its products – who prepare these products in the comfort of their home while earning a dignified life. For bulk buy please contact info@himalayasshop.com

The Thaili bags from Himalayas Shop is handmade by elderly women. We encourage the elderly women to be financially independent by selling  their handmade Thaili to the world on online platform. It comes free with Himalayas Shop bracelets collection.



Handmade Thaili or pouch/bag from cotton and silk by an old woman from Nepal
Handmade pouch

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