Vajra Symbol Singing Bowl for Positivity

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Style: A
Size: 4.5 inch
Sale price1.038.000 VND


Discover the Vajra Symbol Singing Bowl's powerful vibration. This 4.5-inch handcrafted bowl with the sacred Vajra symbol, represents enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Hand hammered by Nepalese artisans in the Himalayan Foothills, this bowl features intricate etching for a unique and sacred touch.

Symbolism of Vajra:

The Vajra is a symbol of indestructibility, enlightenment, and the unyielding reality. It serves as a potent spiritual instrument, embodying the concepts of the thunderbolt and diamond. This signifies strength, clarity, and the unbreakable nature of enlightened consciousness. 

Listen To the Sample Sound for the Singing Bowl

 Product Specification:

  • Diameter: 4.5 inch
  • Weight: 350 gm approx.

A complete package includes:

  • A Singing Bowl
  • A resting cushion
  • 1 x wooden stick 

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