Soft Mallet - Singing Bowl & Gongs


Size: Small (23 cm)
Sale price517.000 VND


This is a beautiful handmade striker for powerful vibrations with gentle power that can be used on a Singing Bowl, Gongs and Shaman drum too.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Sizes: Explore a range of sonic possibilities with our three mallet sizes. Tailored for different singing bowl diameters, these mallets ensure a harmonious resonance, making them suitable for a variety of bowl sizes.
    Small (23 cm) - Ideal for Singing Bowl with 6 - 8 inches diameter.
    Medium (29 cm) - Ideal for Singing Bowl with 8 - 12 inches diameter.
    Large (34 cm) - Ideal for Singing Bowl with 12 - 15 inches diameter.

  2. Soft Felt Tops: The soft felt tops of these mallets enhance their ability to produce a delicately soft sound. Crafted from premium peach wood, the mallets are finished with a layer of soft felt, adding a touch of elegance to your sound therapy sessions.

  3. Extended Resonance: Unlike traditional wooden strikers, these mallets are designed to create a prolonged resonance when struck against a singing bowl. Immerse yourself in the immersive tones that linger in the air, creating a serene ambiance during your meditation practice.

  4. Powerful Vibrations: Experience the depth of sound as these mallets generate powerful vibrations that can be felt in the surrounding space. Feel the energy emanate from your singing bowl, creating a profound and resonant atmosphere.

  5. Quality Peach Wood: Crafted from high-quality peach wood, these mallets embody durability and aesthetic appeal. The natural warmth of the wood, combined with the softness of felt, creates a sensory experience that goes beyond mere auditory pleasure.


  1. Embrace the uniqueness: The item color and grain may vary slightly from the pictures due to the individual characteristics of different peach woods.
  2. Allow room for perfection: Please grant a 1-2cm margin of error in measurements, appreciating the meticulous manual craftsmanship.

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