Shri Yantra Gong

Size: 19 inch
Sale price16.872.000 VND


 This Gong features a Shri Yantra symbol at its center, a geometrical pattern reverenced in Hindu and Tantric traditions. Said to be one of the most powerful and propitious yantras, this symbol symbolizes the divinity of the feminine, particularly the goddess Tripura Sundari, also called Lalita.

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For centuries, Gongs have crafted from alloys like bronze and brass to produce unique harmonic tones for music, meditation, and therapy. When impacted, the Gong emits a strong vibration due to its special harmonics. Shri Yantra Gong can be played at its core or edge, providing diverse sounds with minimal effort. This one-of-a-kind instrument is a sophisticated craft offering a peaceful and pleasant soundscape.

Gongs have been utilized in spiritual observances and medical therapies for centuries. Studies suggest they could reduce tension and help to cultivate mindful habits. Sound therapy utilizes gongs and other sound-producing instruments to generate an acoustic space purported to adjust and harmonize a person's energy. Gongs are thought to set off powerful acoustic vibrations for fostering healing and equilibrium. You can now enjoy the benefits of sound therapy at home with the Shri Yantra Gong.

Product Specification:

  • Handmade (Comes with mallet)
  • Origination: Nepal

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