Flower of Life Singing Bowl

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Size: 8 inch
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Experience the fusion of art, spirituality, and healing frequencies with our Flower of Life Singing Bowl. Handcrafted with care by Nepalese artisans in the Himalayan Foothills, this exquisite bowl features the timeless and sacred Flower of Life pattern through intricate etching techniques.

Symbolism of Flower of Life:

The Flower of Life symbol symbolizes the interconnection of existence and mathematics in the universe. This powerful symbol is renowned for its healing abilities, making this singing bowl an essential tool for your mindfulness practices. Elevate your sound healing routine with this significant representation.

Key features:

  1. Flower of Life Design: The Flower of Life symbol, a complex and holy geometric pattern, is displayed on this singing bowl. It symbolizes the interconnectedness, origin, and foundational framework of the cosmos.
  2. Material: Made with high-quality metal alloys, this Singing bowl's sound and longevity are directly affected by its materials, such as bronze or brass. Experience lasting benefits with its carefully selected materials.
  3. Sound Quality: Experience the pure and long-lasting sound quality of the finely crafted Flower of Life Singing Bowl for a harmonious atmosphere of tranquility.

A complete package includes:

  • A Singing Bowl
  • A Ring cushion
  • 1 x wooden stick 

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